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Fall GoByBike Weeks runs October 21 - November 3, BC-wide!

Register NOW for your chance to WIN one of many great prizes, including a Trip for 2 Cycling the Baltics for 9 Days (10 Nights) Sponsored by Exodus Travels! Click here: to learn what's included and more about the Grand Prize Trip.


  • 5 - $100 School Prizes
  • 3 - $100 First Time Participant Prizes + the Team Leader's of each prize winner will win a $100 Visa Gift Card

How to Register:

  • If you registered in the past, all you have to do is Login and you are registered for this event.
  • If you've never registered before, click on https://www.biketowork.ca/registration and take a few minutes to sign-up FREE!

To Qualify for the Grand Prize Trip Draw (& other Provincial Prizes):

Log kilometers for all trips that you choose to GoByBike instead of by motor vehicle during October 21 - November 3, 2019 (GoByBike Weeks).

After you have registered and logged a trip, you MUST enter the Exodus Prize Draw here: https://www.exodustravels.com/ca/win-cycling-adventure-baltics. This is a sponsor requirement, please read the sponsor’s terms and conditions located in the Exodus Prize Draw Entry page.

This grand prize trip package includes economy class round trip airfare from the nearest international airport, hotel accommodations, a local leader and planned routes and itineraries with support vehicles to follow. Prize winner must be 19 years of age or older.

Tips & Tricks to Make Cycling More Comfortable & Safer in Fall & Winter

Check out these short YouTube Videos about Route Planning, Fenders, How to Keep Your Feet Dry, How to Keep Your Hands Warm, etc...: CLICK HERE
GoByBike with Grandma: CLICK HERE
Planning for Winter Cycling: CLICK HERE
Make it Yours: Plan Your Route to GoByBike: CLICK HERE

Student Video Contest: Send us your video about how you GoByBike in the fall and winter months


One WINNER awarded per age group:

  • Elementary student or team
  • Middle School student or team
  • Secondary School student or team

Submission Deadline: October 25, 2019

Winner announced November 4, 2019.


  • Age: Students must be 18 and under.
  • Length: 60-90 seconds.
  • Content: Videos should encourage safe cycling. Ideas include:
    • How do you GoByBike this fall?
    • How do you stay dry in the rain?
    • How do you stay warm in fall and winter?
    • Tips and tricks for making cycling in the cold and wet more fun
  • Format: Upload to Youtube, Vimeo
  • Submit link through submission form: https://forms.gle/v7L4kFG6Tq8bcFoz9
June 7, 2018

It was a great week of cycling, and a trend that we hope to see continue - not such a big deal to set aside a little more time to get there, right? And the positive spin offs are the best - exercise, time to think (or not think), clean air, easy parking. While we hope you keep it up while the season permits, we also hope to keep growing our local Bike to Work and School Week initiative. Any thing you thought of that could have made it better or more accessible to you? Give us a shout at airqualityscoutisland@shaw.ca with your ideas.

June 2, 2018

The last couple days of Bike to Work and School with are the best. No pressure to get somewhere on time (unless, of course, you work on the weekend, in which case, hurry up) but if there's a chance to swap your car out for your bike, why not take it? Bike to the lake, bike to that BBQ, bike around in circles. Just bike - when you can, wherever you can. And don't let the end of Bike to Work and School Week stop you - keep riding.

June 1, 2018

Friday already. Now that you've got the commute dialed, do you think you can keep at it? Maybe not every day, but working your bicycle into your routine, beyond this week, could be a good habit. Good for you, good for the air.

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Anonymous biked 37.70 km for GoByBike - Teens & Adults, November 1, 2019
Anonymous biked 38.36 km for GoByBike - Teens & Adults, October 31, 2019
Bert Groenenberg biked 3.68 km for GoByBike - Teens & Adults, October 30, 2019
Bert Groenenberg biked 3.68 km for GoByBike - Teens & Adults, October 29, 2019
Bert Groenenberg biked 3.68 km for GoByBike - Teens & Adults, October 28, 2019
Bert Groenenberg biked 3.68 km for GoByBike - Teens & Adults, October 28, 2019

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