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Dear Friends,

After careful consideration of the information and directives coming from the World Health Organization, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and British Columbia’s Medical Officer on the outbreak of COVID-19,  GoByBikeBC Society regrets to announce that we will be postponing our spring 2020 Bike To Work and School Week, which was scheduled to run May 25-31, 2020.

As COVID-19 continues to change the way we work, educate, and interact with friends and family, GoByBike BC hopes that you’ll continue to get outside and ride your bike.


You Can Still Participate in our Online Contests Running NOW - until June 2, 2020.

To quote the wise words of our dear friend, Janine Arnold:
Flatten the curve, not the tire. Ride on, my friends."

Riding a bike is a great way to stay healthy (physically and mentally) while we live in a socially distanced world. Riding a bike gets you outdoors, experiencing nature, in touch with fresh air and the changing springtime climate, and it rarely brings you into close proximity with other people. Riding a bike also reduces your stress levels in times of uncertainty, like right now; and it allows us to experience the world in new and unexpected ways.

GoByBike BC Society encourages British Columbian's to stay healthy, keep #goingbybike, ride safe, ride ONLY with immediate housemates, stay at least 2 meters away from other road users, and ensure your bike stays in safe working condition!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are promoting 2 new Online Contests, and we encourage you to participate:

1. Share Your Story - How has GoingByBike helped you during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

GoByBike BC Society is encouraging British Columbian’s to submit their inspirational stories about how they are continuing to cycle within health and safety protocols; how this is helping them in this stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic; why cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy during this time of social distancing; etc...

Everyone who sends us a story is entered into a prize draw for 1 of 2 - $50 Visa Gift Cards. The deadline for the prize draw is June 2, and all stories will be published regularly on Social Media, via eNews, and will be great content for our new website.

Send your story and photos (if you have some) to stories@biketowork.ca.

2. Student Video Contest - How has GoingByBike helped you during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Calling All Students! GoByBike BC Society invites you to submit a short video about how you GoByBike during this COVID-19 Pandemic and enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Please click on the poster below to download the details.

Remember to follow all public health and safety guidelines while filming your GoByBike video, including appropriate physical distancing. If you’re working as a team, try to do so virtually or work with people in your household.

Submit your film here: https://forms.gle/jyc4McBhfc5ALm919.

If you have any questions, please email stories@biketowork.ca.

Buzz for GoByBike BC

““I started biking to work in 2008 just before Bike to Work Week, and continue to participate in BTWW each year. I don’t keep it up much later than early fall, but intend to keep riding all year this year. My 15km return route has some large hills that I find challenging [...”

Karina Sheardown, CUPE Secretary, Nanaimo Area Office, Nanaimo
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November 22, 2019
(November, 2019) “My wife and I have talked about traveling by bike, so I was really excited to learn about winning this prize, and about the opportunity to explore the Baltics by bike,“ says Randy Gregory, winner of the Exodus Travels 2019 Fall GoByBike Weeks Grand Prize Trip for 2, Cycling the Baltics. Randy works in Production at Domtar Pulp in Kamloops, BC. He’s biked to work for more than 25 years; and he’s participated in Bike to Work Week since 2012 and GoByBike Weeks since 2018. “Biking to work is a nice way to start the day, and biking home from work is a great way to clear your mind at the end of the day. Plus, when you bike to work, you always get the best parking!” he, says.  
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Michelle Neil biked 5.10 km for fun, June 2, 2020
Jesse Tarbotton biked 29.40 km for fun, June 2, 2020
Michelle Neil biked 10.20 km for fun, June 1, 2020
Chad Benard biked 13.23 km for fun, June 1, 2020
Ryan Reda biked 15.65 km for fun, June 1, 2020
Anonymous biked 3.56 km for fun, May 31, 2020

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