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Most Recent Event Stats:

2019 Spring Bike to Work & School Week

Each year, GoByBike BC’s Spring Bike to Work & School Week encourages British Columbian’s to choose their bicycles for transportation rather than a motor vehicle: converting sedentary time behind the steering wheel, into time pedaling their bicycle wheels; enjoying healthy, environmentally friendly, active transportation. During the last spring event, 56,074 riders biked 2.97 million kilometers (rather than drove those kilometers via motor vehicle) and saved 644,005 kilograms of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere. A total of 89.1 million calories were burned during this event!

2018 Fall GoByBike Weeks

GoByBike BC Society held it’s first-ever Fall GoByBike Weeks last October, 2018 where we developed a series of videos and tools that educated people about tips, tricks and tools that helped make using a bike for transportation more enjoyable and safer in the fall and winter months. The first ever event was a HUGE success with 12,756 riders logging 542,755 km’s and saving 117,671 kilograms of greenhouse gases.

About GoByBike BC Society and Bike to Work & School Week

Formerly Bike to Work BC Society, Go By Bike BC Society is a non-profit society that facilitates Bike to Work and School events and GoByBike events in more than 100 communities throughout BC.

We break down the perceived barriers that prevent people from using a bicycle for everyday transportation by creating an environment of encouragement and support and getting people to try it for the first time. Once people discover how enjoyable it is to use their bicycles for transportation during Bike to Work & School Week, many will continue to use their bikes instead of their motorized vehicles. 92 percent of our 2019 post-event survey respondents state that Bike to Work Week motivates them to continue to use their bikes for transportation after the event is over.

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