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Spring GoByBike Week June 3rd to 9th, 2024


We are encouraging British Columbians to experience the joy of cycling and to ride their bikes as much as possible during that time. Whether it’s to work, to school, for fun, for exercise, to stretch your legs between meetings, to clear your mind … no matter the reason, just ride your bike! Getting around on smaller wheels like scooters and rollerblades counts, too! ..taking the bus part way, or carpooling halfway, or using a car for a portion of a long commute, as well! #AnyRideCounts

GoByBike BC Society wishes to stress to please continue to respect all health guidelines for physical distancing and cycle responsibly.


  • People will discover how enjoyable it is to ride a bike, and continue to ride their bikes year-round, daily which leads to improved mental and physical health.
  • People will encourage each other to get healthy and help the environment by riding a bike through forming teams and celebrating the joy that cycling brings. More than 7,000 teams have been formed for 2022 GoByBike programs.

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#SpringGoByBikeWeek is just around the corner June 3rd to 9th, 2024. Register FREE at

Experience the joy of cycling and celebrate with us, and enter for a chance to win great prizes. You only need to ride your bike once to enter the prize draw; but the more you ride your bike the more chances you have to win!

This Spring #AnyRideCounts: getting groceries, riding to and from work or school, hitting the bike park, trail rides, or other recreational rides exploring your region. Taking the bus part way, carpooling or driving yourself to where your bike ride starts also counts. Getting around on smaller wheels like rollerblades and scooters counts, too!⁠

Log any and all bike rides at to enter the prize draw, track your progress, and see how many greenhouse gas emissions you offset by choosing to #gobybikebc.

Do you use STRAVA? You can also link your GoByBike account with your STRAVA account so that every time you ride using STRAVA, your bike rides are automatically logged in your GoByBike account and you are entered into the prize draws.

Create a team for more chances to win team prizes! You can find more info about how to create a team and other useful things under “Resources” on our website,

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About GoByBike BC Society, GoByBike and Bike to Work & School Week

Formerly Bike to Work BC Society, Go By Bike BC Society is a non-profit society that facilitates GoByBike, Bike to Work, and Bike to School programs in more than 100 communities throughout BC.

We break down the perceived barriers that prevent people from using a bicycle for everyday transportation by creating an environment of encouragement and support and getting people to try it for the first time. Once people discover how enjoyable it is to use their bicycles for transportation during GoByBike Week, Bike to Work Week, or Bike to School Week, many will continue to use their bikes instead of their motorized vehicles. Ninety-two percent of our 2019 post-event survey respondents state that GoByBike Week motivates them to continue to use their bikes for transportation after the event is over.

Learn more about program inception and history over the last 25 years >>