Program Elements

Why GoByBike events works and development of key focuses:

Focus areas:

  • Developing a tightly themed campaigns focusing on cycling for transportation
  • Expanding visibility of the campaigns
  • Establishing a stand-alone week for specific cycling for transportation purposes
  • Simplifying team formation in workplaces to reduce the work for team leaders, to enable smaller teams and encourage more rivalry
  • Encouraging workplaces to challenge each other
  • To focus on fun, health and wellness over saving money or an environmental focus. People are encouraged to undertake an activity that is good for the environment because it is fun and feels good

Guiding principles based on direct experiential outcomes:

  • Accentuating the positive in all messaging
  • Personalizing benefits to increase take-up (i.e. fun & health)
  • Reminding people early and often (launch event, countdown)
  • Adding celebratory elements into the mix without going off-message or off-theme, to generate a higher profile and greater excitement
  • Participation triggers change
  • Change is a journey rather than an event
  • The number of first-time cyclists is a key measure of success

The key to our success has relied on the following methodology:

  • Mobilizing the early adopters (those already using bicycles for transportation) as opinion leaders in the workplace, schools, and socially
  • Tapping into local peer networks to grow participation by first-timers
  • Relating to organizations as champions (and funders)
  • Focussing on making the events memorable (fun, rewarding)
  • Ensuring we refresh the experience every year
  • Adding events (Bike to Work Day) that people can aim for to continue cycling – increasing the likelihood of their adopting their bicycles for transportation as a lifestyle activity