GoByBike for Schools

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School Teams

School Teams can be created for classrooms, grades, divisions, staff, groups of friends or families, etc.

On School Teams, the Team Leader can

  • invite teammates to join the team (these teammates must have an email address)
  • add teammates to the team (these teammates are Non-User Riders, and do not have an email address)

How to invite people to join the team:

In order for To invite riders to your team,

  1. they will have to register an account
  2. you can choose to either email them a link to join your team, or tell them to click Join or Create Team and search for your team name

To email people a link to join your team:

  1. Click Team at the top
  2. Copy the Invite Riders with URL on the left.
  3. Email the URL to possible teammates to see if they want to join your team. Note: invitees must have an account, if they don’t have an account, please tell them to register first (send them this link to register https://logmyride.gobybikebc.ca/register)

How to add people to the team

IMPORTANT: if you add riders to your team, you will be responsible for logging their bike rides (kilometers) for them. If riders have a valid email address, we encourage you to invite them to join your team so that they can choose to log their own bike rides (kilometers) OR you can log for them.

To Add Riders to Your Team:

  1. Click Team at the top
  2. Click Riders in the secondary menu
  3. Scroll down to see where you can add Non-User Riders to your team. Non-User Riders do not have user accounts. Typically Non-User Riders are only added when they don’t have a valid email address.
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How to Log Rides for Teammates:

  1. In the Team section, click Log Team KM
  2. Enter teammates’ kilometers in the table. Note: choose the “Week Range” if you are logging kilometers from past weeks.