• Oct 8, 2020

    And The Draw Prize Winners are…

    Please Pick Up Your Prize at the Designated Sponsors Location by Oct 15th. All prize winners will also be contacted via email for how to pick up their prize. So, make sure your address is correct in your GBBW account. Roger Yim; West Kootenay Cycling Coalition and BikeMaps.Org; Biking Accessory Gift... [Read More...]

  • Oct 5, 2020

    GoByBike Nelson It’s a Wrap, Keep on Riding!

    How a community makes a difference. What a great week of riding Nelson! We exceeded our goal to bike ride 3000 km in the week and chose biking over a vehicle for 389 trips! 180 RIDERS 19 TEAMS 4998 KMS 392 TRIPS 149,940 CALORIES BURNED 1084 kgs GHGS SAVED Heavy Hitting... [Read More...]

  • Oct 2, 2020

    Build a Bike Pancake! Photo Contest

    We know nothing brings families together more than laughter! The West Kootenay Cycling Coalition, GoByBike Nelson invites you to join us in our FlapJack Photo Contest, here is how you play. First find some grilling and cooking Buddies Then, think about your bike, or maybe you on your bike Go ahead... [Read More...]