GoByBike Nelson It’s a Wrap, Keep on Riding!

How a community makes a difference.

What a great week of riding Nelson! We exceeded our goal to bike ride 3000 km in the week and chose biking over a vehicle for 389 trips!

  • 180 RIDERS
  • 19 TEAMS
  • 4998 KMS
  • 392 TRIPS
  • 1084 kgs GHGS SAVED

Heavy Hitting Team Standings Sept 28 – Oct 4

  • Team Slugs (8 riders), with a resounding 722 Km logged over 46 trips
  • Team Regent Royals (12 riders), 813 km logged over 42 trips
  • Team Chain Spokers (8 riders), 453 km logged over 36 trips

Thank you to all of our teams and riders the Stats were fantastic across the Board!

Outstanding Mention!!!!!

Our Youth Riders Ride it Out of the Park

  • Kaelum, Team Slugs, 193 kms
  • Aleah, Team Slugs, 126 kms
  • Raliegh, Team Slugs, 123 kms
  • Dawson, Team Slugs, 97 kms
  • Maya, Team Slugs. 83 kms
  • Agatha, Team Slugs, 68 kms
  • Benen 42 kms
  • Marco, Team Slugs, 26 kms
  • Myra, 8kms
  • Madi, Team Slugs, 6 kms

Not only did your riding build community it also helped the West Kootenay Cycling Coalition and #GoByBikeBC expand the voice of cycling in our City.

How does this make a difference?

The WKCC is an active voice in the development of cycling infrastructure, your participation in GoByBikeBC Week helped demonstrate our community support for biking as a form of active transportation.

Strong biking support = Ongoing advocacy for more cycling infrastructure from our Civic and Provincial leaders = Safely Moving together!

West Kootenay Cycling Coalition Your Voice in the Kootenays.