Win MORE Prizes By Logging ALL Your Bike Rides By Sunday, October 23, 2022! How To: Backlog Your Rides

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the ride during Fall GoByBike Weeks, October 3-16, 2022! Thank you to all supporters, coordinators, sponsors, and volunteers!

If you haven’t logged all your kilometers, you have until midnight Sunday, October 23, to record all your trips in your GoByBike account. Those of you who have connected their Strava accounts: sometimes it takes a little for those rides to be pushed through to your GoByBike account.

#AnyRideCounts: to and from work or school, to get groceries, to get some fresh air or meet up for a coffee with friends, trail rides, pump track laps, recreational rides to explore your region. Taking the bus part way, carpooling or driving yourself to where your bike ride starts also counts. Please log ALL your bike rides! Tell your friends to log ALL their rides!

Your logged rides are important because they help us show local and provincial decision-makers the importance of bicycle friendly roads and routes; the need for facilities such as bike racks or lockers; and the benefits of cycling education. This helps us (GBBBC) and communities in BC to get funding allocated to cycling. Help us build a happier, healthier, and more connected community. Bicycles are for everyone.

The more rides logged = the more funding to keep our programs running

Did you #gobybike during October 3 and 16, 2022, but didn’t register for Fall GoByBike Weeks? You can still register HERE and [back]log your bike rides once registered. This enters you into the draw for the Provincial Prizes, including the Grand Prize: A Self-Guided Cycling Adventure for 2 in Italy, sponsored by Exodus Travels.

Make sure you also enter the draw for the Grand Prize on the Exodus Travels website HERE!

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How Do I Backlog My Rides?

  1. Log into your GoByBikeBC account. If you haven’t registered yet, register HERE.
  2. Click “Log My Ride.”
  3. Change the date to backlog the ride. Click the calendar icon beside the date, and use the calendar to find the date you want to log the ride for.
  4. Enter the nature of the bike ride, for example “for fun.” or “to the bank.” or “to school,” etc…
  5. Enter the kilometers biked.
You can find a short HOW-TO VIDEO HERE.

How Do I Backlog Rides For My Teammates?

  1. Log into your account HERE. (If you haven’t registered and created a team yet, register HERE and follow the steps how to CREATE A TEAM if you need help.)
  2. In the Team section, click Log Team KM.
  3. Bulk-Log Kilometers: Enter teammates’ kilometers in the table. You can select individual riders or “all”. See screenshot below.
  4. Multi-Rider Mode: Lets you enter the same trip for all members of your team at once. You can edit or delete individual rides once you click “apply”. See screenshots below in the next section.
  5. Make sure to choose the right date in “Week Range” when you are logging kilometers from the past.

Logging Rides for a Large Team in Multi-Rider Mode

As an Elementary School Team Leader or a Team Leader of a LARGE TEAM (class, grade, etc) you can easily log the entire team’s rides/ kilometers for the week in the Multi-Rider Mode. You can edit or delete individual rides once you click “apply”. Make sure to choose the right date in “Week Range” when you are logging kilometers from the past. See screenshots below.

IMPORTANT: If your team was not registered as part of an “Organization,” this feature will not be available. (An organization may be a company, school district, or other large group; e.g. “Ministry of Transportation” or “Spokey Bike Shop”). If you need your team linked to your “Organization,” email with 1) Team Name and 2) Organization Name.

This short VIDEO tells you how to find out if you have registered as part of an organization or not.

Need help? Send an email to support@gobybikebc,ca including your email address, community, a description of your problem as detailed as possible (device, browser, mobile or desktop, which steps you have taken, what you have tried, what you expected to happen, etc.). Screenshots are also helpful.


  • Axiom Cycling Gear – Registered participants logging at least one trip enter for a chance to win one of the following bicycle accessories sponsored by AXIOM CYCLING GEAR: Monsoon Oceanweave 32+ Waterproof Pannier Set; Monsoon Oceanweave 18+ Urban Waterproof Pannier; Seymour Oceanweave 19+ Trunk Bag; Monsoon Oceanweave 9+ Waterproof Handlebar Bag; Seymour Oceanweave Podpack P1.0; Seymour Oceanweave 0.5 Wedge.
  • “Let’s Go Biking” E-Book – Registered participants logging at least one trip can win one of three LET’S GO BIKING e-books donated by Colleen MacDonald. To be entered into the draw and in addition to riding your bike during FallGoByBike Weeks, please send an email to with a photo of your bike (or the view when riding your bike) and a short description of your favourite ride and why it is your favourite. #AnyRideCounts!
  • $25 E-Gift Card for Outway – Registered participants logging at least one trip can win a $25 E-Gift Card for OUTWAY.COM.
  • Unior Bike Tools Home Tool Kit donated by NRG/Lanctot #FallGoByBikeWeeks Social Media Contest Alert on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM. Make sure to read the rules carefully for a chance to win the UNIOR BIKE TOOLS HOME TOOL KIT donated by NRG Enterprises / Lanctot.
  • “Hi-Viz-Package donated by HLC#FallGoByBikeWeeks Social Media Contest Alert on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM. Make sure to read the rules carefully for a chance to win this package donated by HLC. The “Hi-Viz-Package” is made up of PROVIZ REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves, PROVIZ REFLECT360 Waterproof Overshoes, and the CAT EYE AMPP800 & ViZ300 LIGHTSCOMBO KIT.
  • GRAND PRIZE “Self-Guided Cycling Adventure for 2 in Italy sponsored by Exodus Travels – How to enter into the draw for the Fall GoByBike Weeks Grand Prize: 1. Register for Fall GoByBike Weeks. 2. Log at least one bike ride during October 3 – 16, 2022 – ANY bike ride counts. Getting around on smaller wheels like scooters and rollerblades counts, too! ..taking the bus part way, or carpooling halfway, or using a car for a portion of a long commute, as well. 3. Enter the Exodus prize draw here: Win a Self-Guided Italian Cycling Adventure | Exodus ( [Prize winner must be 19 years of age or older. Prize package does not include round trip airfare.]
  • VISA Gift Cards, Tire Levers, GoByBike BC Front Lights, Seat Covers & Phone Mounts for your bicycle, and more..!

For more info about Provincial Prizes click HERE.