Gerick Sports Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate GoByBike week, we’ve teamed up with Gerick Sports to bring a scavenger hunt game for cyclists in Trail. On Sunday September 27 we’ll be placing signs around town near different pieces of active transportation infrastructure, and we’ll leave them there until October 4 for people to try and find. Will you be able to find all of the signs around town?

If you find a sign, you can be included in the draw for local prizes by taking a picture of yourself or your bike with the sign and then either posting it to our “gobybike – Trail” Facebook page, or tagging us in Instagram @wkccglen. If you’re not a fan of social media you can also e-mail the picture to Remember to be wearing your helmet in the picture so that we know you are biking around safely!

Active transportation infrastructure in Trail is the tunnels, bridges, underpasses, and bike routes that make it easier for cyclists to get around Trail quickly and safely. To keep the hunt safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, the signs will be placed in a way that will be easy for multiple scavenger hunters to take a picture at the same time while maintaining physical distancing.

We hope you enjoy this GoByBike week event, and a big thanks to Gerick Sports for helping us make it possible. Stay safe and happy hunting!