Go By Bike Week is here!

We are so excited that the big week is upon us – GoByBike Week! This is the time to get out and try Going By Bike. It doesn’t have to be all week, it doesn’t have to be everywhere you go. It just needs to be you, a bike and a destination. Do that once, and if you love it as much as we think you will, do it again…and again 🙂

This week it is super important for you to log your rides. Why? Well, for us it shows that people are getting active and riding to work, to school, to many places. That helps relay to decision makers that we need to invest in more cycling infrastructure. More riders = more support for those riders.

For you – if you log your rides this week, you are automatically entered into a draw to win prizes! Grand Prize: a new Norco Mountain bike, or $500 off a bike of your choice at Independent Cycles. Other prizes include: $100 gift cards to Indy Cycles and Wentings Bike Shop – donated by our partners at Aldergrove Credit Union. We also have bells, and lights and helmets that will be getting distributed. The more you ride, the better your chances of winning.

So, register now, join a team – or create one and invite others – and most importantly, RIDE YOUR BIKE! Weather looks great this week. Get out and enjoy it.