Winter GoByBike Day - February 12, 2021

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Merritt Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in sponsoring the event or donating a prize, please contact:

Felicity Peat


GoByBikeBC Society Contact Information

For Provincial sponsorship enquiries, contact:
Terri-Lynn Gifford,
Provincial Program Manager,

To learn about running an event in your community, contact:
Terri-Lynn Gifford,
Provincial Program Manager,

For Provincial media enquiries:
Penny Noble,
Executive Director,

GoByBike BC Society Mailing Address:
74591 Kitsilano RPO
Vancouver BC
V6K 4P4

Prizes & Coupons

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Prizes & Coupons

GoByBike Provincial Prizes

Enter to WIN a GoByBike BC Society Provincial Prize! To enter:

1. Register for the upcoming event
2. Log your bike rides on February 12, 2021

$50 Gift Card to the Bike Shop of YOUR Choice

4 Prize Winners.

Winners will be contacted via email. Winners will tell us the Bike Shop of their choice, GoByBike BC Society will purchase the $50 gift card for you, and it will be waiting for you at that bike shop!

$50 Visa Gift Card

Win 1 of 4 – $50 Visa Gift Cards.

Winners will be contacted via email. Visa Gift Cards will be sent to each winner.

$250 Sugoi Gift Card

$250 Gift Card to buy from Sugoi online.

Ortileb Backpack

Provincial Sponsors