Winter Wheels in Grand Forks: Ride, Win, and Explore with Winter Go By Bike Week

Winter GoByBike Week: Pedal Into Grand Forks’ Ultimate Cycling Celebration!

Grand Forks, gear up for an exciting adventure on two wheels! Winter GoByBike Week is rolling into town from February 5th to 11th, 2024, and it’s bringing not only the joy of winter cycling but also a chance to win some incredible prizes, including a grand cycling adventure in beautiful Sicily!

Why Join Winter GoByBike Week in Grand Forks?

1. Sustainable Winter Commuting:

  • Experience the picturesque beauty of Grand Forks while reducing your carbon footprint. Winter cycling is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a commitment to sustainability.

2. Fitness and Fun:

  • Discover the thrill of winter cycling, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner. Explore the town on two wheels, stay active, and have fun while doing it!

3. Win Provincial Prizes:

  • The excitement doesn’t stop at the end of your ride. Participate in Winter GoByBike Week, and you could win fantastic provincial prizes, with the chance to embark on a cycling adventure in Sicily!

How to Make Every Ride Count:

1. Register for Winter GoByBike Weeks:

  • Click here to register for Winter GoByBike Weeks. If you’re already a member, log back in to activate your account.

2. Log Your Rides:

  • Whether you’re on a traditional bike, scooter, rollerblades, or even a combination of transportation modes, log at least one ride on the GoByBikeBC website during February 5th – 11th, 2024.

3. Enter the Grand Prize Draw:

  • Want a chance to win a cycling adventure in Sicily? Enter the Exodus prize draw here after logging your rides.

Spread the Word and Win!

Share Your Journey on Social Media:

  • Document your Winter GoByBike Week experience on social media using #WinterGoByBike and #GrandForksGoByBike. Connect with fellow cyclists and share the joy of winter biking!

Get Ready for Grand Forks’ Cycling Celebration!

Winter GoByBike Week is not just an event; it’s a celebration of community, sustainability, and the love of cycling. Join us in making every ride count, exploring the beauty of Grand Forks, and seizing the opportunity to win amazing prizes, including the grand cycling adventure in Sicily!

Let’s pedal together, Grand Forks, and make Winter GoByBike Week an unforgettable cycling experience! 🚴‍♂️❄️ #WinterGoByBike #GrandForksGoByBike