Exciting New Cycling Challenge!


The Sunrise Rotary Club of Cranbrook is excited to announce a new challenge for Go By Bike Week Spring 2022. This spring we are challenging registered GoByBike Cranbrook riders to cycle to the top of Fisher Peak and we guarantee our grand prize draw will knock your socks off!  You might be surprised how achievable this challenge actually is.  Are you interested yet?  Read on for the details…

The Details:

Most of us look at Fisher Peak every day.  It’s such a striking and iconic feature of Cranbrook and such a part of our community’s identity –  so why not cycle it??!!! Many of you will ask “do I have to actually ride my bike up to the top of Fisher Peak???!!!” NO! In fact, we don’t recommend you attempt it. What we are challenging you to do is ride an accumulated elevation of 1,925 meters (6,314 ft) during Go By Bike Week (May 30-June 5, 2022). 1,925 meters represents the elevation gain from the City of Cranbrook (921m) to the top of Fisher Peak (2,846m). If your rides total an elevation gain of 1,925 meters during Go By Bike Week, you’ve essentially cycled from Cranbrook to the top of Fisher Peak!

How do I sign up and track my progress for this challenge?

  1. First of all, you must register for Go By Bike Week at www.gobybikebc.ca.  Create an account if you haven’t already done so or sign in with your username and password from previous GoByBike weeks and designate your community as Cranbrook. Only riders registered for Go By Bike Cranbrook qualify for Cycle Fisher Peak prizes.  Please note:  if you have a user id and password from previous GoByBike weeks, you will need to sign in to be registered for the Spring 2022 event. If you previously registered with a community other than Cranbrook, you must register with Cranbrook to enter the Cycle Fisher Peak challenge.   

3. You should now see the club called GoByBike BC – Cranbrook. Select it and “Join”. Once you are a member of the club, your recorded rides will be displayed in the Strava GoByBike BC – Cranbrook (Fisher Peak Challenge) Club results. Strava will record your overall elevation gain throughout Go By Bike Week. Don’t forget to record your rides in Strava!  TheGoByBike BC – Cranbrook (Fisher Peak Challenge) Club site on Strava is the only means for our committee to obtain ride data for the Fisher Peak Challenge.

4, Also, ensure your rides are recorded on the provincial GoByBike BC site to be eligible for provincial and local random draw prizes.  To avoid logging your rides manually on the GoByBike BC site, you can integrate with Strava.  To sync your rides with GoByBikeBC:   sign in , go to your profile on the GoByBikeBC site, select Account Settings.  In the far, left corner, you will see “STRAVA Integration”. 

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Now for the Good Part – Prizes!!!

When you achieve the required 1,925 metre total, we will enter your name in a random draw for the grand prize – A Picnic at the Peak for 4 people!! The epic adventure departs from the Eclipse Helicopter Base at the Cranbrook Airport for the iconic Fisher Peak. Yes… the peak you just cycled!!  The tour includes breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, circling the Peak, meandering among the majestic ridges and alpine meadows, a flyby of an alpine lake before landing at the mountain ridge meadow to enjoy a picnic of exceptional local cuisine provided by the Heid Out Restaurant, complimented with award winning craft beer from Fisher Peak Brewery (or beverage of choice) and your own Executive Chef!  Now how’s that for a grand prize!!

We are planning to hold a celebration for all who successfully cycle Fisher Peak and will draw the name for the grand prize winner at the celebration.  Location, date, and time to be confirmed.  We are aiming for the week of June 12-18 or possibly the following week so we don’t conflict with Sam Steele Days.

Don’t fret if your name is not drawn for the grand prize – we have other great prizes for participants who cycle Fisher Peak in addition to having their name put in the grand prize draw. Your accomplishment will not go unnoticed!

Other Important Items before you get cycling:

For those of you eager riders who want to go for the total elevation of Fisher Peak from sea level to summit (total of 2,846 meters/9,338 ft), we will award a special recognition in addition to other prize offerings.

We are not permitting riders with e-bikes unless they are 65 years or older.  Otherwise, only riders with regular, non power assisted bikes will be eligible to qualify for prizes. This is supposed to be a challenge after all!

It’s More Achievable than you Realize!

You may be concerned this challenge is out of your reach. We believe this challenge is very doable for reasonably fit riders who are willing to ride regularly during GoByBikeBC Week.  You don’t have to be an avid mountain biker to achieve the cycle Fisher Peak status either.  Road bikes and regular street and hybrid bikes are just as capable of achieving the elevation requirements. 

Take for instance, a ride to Kimberley and back on Rails to Trails:  that’s a total of 353 meters total elevation gain.  Do that ride a few times and you will be in the range to cycle to the summit of Fisher Peak. 

A ride from your house in Cranbrook to the Community Forest up many of the green rated trails (e.g., Gateway, Pilsit, Padawan, Fenceline, etc.) will accumulate more meters of elevation than you realize. 

Or how about ride the Isadore Canyon – Pritchard Road/Ha Ha Creek Road (a.k.a. Mayook) section.  An out and back to the summit from either Pritchard Road or Ha Ha Creek Road trailheads will give you 457 meters of elevation gain… or you can grab some buddies and do a shuttle from each parking area. Although it is a gradual and steady uphill for 8+ kms, this section of the Isadore Canyon to Wardner trail is wide and totally doable with a hybrid bike – plus the downhill reward at the end is so much fun!

For intermediate mountain bikers, there’s a host of blue rated trails that will get you to the summit of Fisher Peak.  Padawan-R2DTour-Loop Skywalker will give you over 300 meters of elevation gain. The sky is really the limit for rides you can do in our community!

Use your imagination – there are so many paved road, gravel road, and non technical trail rides you can do within the area that will get you up to the Fisher Peak summit during GoByBike Week in Cranbrook. 

Fisher Peak is waiting for you – see you out there!!!

A HUGE thank you to The Heidout and Eclipse Helicopters for your generosity.  We couldn’t do this without the wonderful support from our amazing community leaders!

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