Call for Board Members!

2022 Call for GoByBike BC Board of Directors 


GoByBike BC is a provincial non-profit society that promotes active transportation by using bicycles for everyday transportation across the province of British Columbia. We believe that regular bicycling can improve both physical and mental health and help to reduce our environmental impact on the planet.  


Are you passionate about cycling as an everyday mode of transportation? Are you motivated by making a positive difference for communities across BC?  

GoByBike BC is looking for up to three new Board Members to join our team and make a tangible difference to our world.  This is a particularly critical time to promote environmental sustainability and by joining GoByBike BC, you can play a key leadership role in promoting active transportation across the province. 

GoByBike BC was first known for our Bike to Work Week events. Now, having been in operation for over a decade, GoByBike BC has evolved into a network of volunteers and supporters who help to coordinate and promote participation of over 40 communities in BC, attracting over 55,000 annual participants. 

We are looking for diverse community members who can bring their own experience and learnings to the table, helping to improve our impact, our reach, and our ability to create new opportunities to support British Columbians.  

We are seeking committed individuals who are passionate about the environment, share a love for cycling, and whom wish to promote the use of bicycles as a regular means of transportation. 

Strategic Overview 

GBBC Mission: 

Through the sharing of resources, events and programs, GBBBC promotes and encourages the use of bicycles for everyday transportation. 

GBBC Vision: 

A future in which as many people as possible experience the joy of using bicycles for everyday transportation. 

Board Terms 

We are seeking two-year board terms and a composition of nine board members total. GBBBC’s executive officers include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and other members at large. 

Authority and Responsibility 

The Board of Directors is the legal authority of GoByBike BC. As a member of the Board, a Board member acts in a position of trust for the community, and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization. 

Board Skills and Experience in any of the following: 

Finance, fundraising, operations management, business skills, non-profit/charity governance, information technology, organizational development, legal expertise, cycling advocacy, leading change, marketing/communications, member/stakeholder engagement, human resource management, strategy development and implementation and event management.  

Requirements of Board Membership 

  1. Commitment to the work of the organization. 
  2. Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board governance: policy, finance, programs, personnel, and advocacy. 
  3. Willingness to serve on committees. 
  4. Attendance at monthly Board meetings. 
  5. Attendance at meetings of assigned committees. 
  6. Attendance at Annual General Meetings. 
  7. Support of special events 
  8. Support of, and participation in, fund-raising events.  

General Duties 

A Board Member is fully informed on organizational matters, and participates in the Board’s deliberations and decisions in matters of policy, fundraising, finance, programs, personnel and advocacy. 

Board Members will: 

  1. Approve, where appropriate, policy; and other recommendations received from the Board, its standing committees and senior staff. 
  2. Monitor all Board policies. 
  3. Review the bylaws and policy manual, and recommend bylaw changes. 
  4. Review the Board’s structure, approve changes, and prepare necessary bylaw amendments. 
  5. Participate in the development of GBBBC’s organizational plan, strategic planning sessions and annual review. This is an exciting time for innovation and new ideas and you can play a leadership role in helping to expand and create new opportunities for GoByBike BC. 
  6. Approve GBBBC budget. 
  7. Approve the hiring and release of the executive director, including the executive director’s employment contract. 
  8. Support and participate in fundraising activities. 
  9. Assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the Board, committees, staff members, and community to enhance GBBBC’s mission. 
  10. Attend board meetings, chaired by the President and expect to contribute 10 hours to the organization on a monthly basis. 

While all applications are appreciated, we are particularly expanding our regional representation.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

GoByBike BC is committed to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where all board members, staff, volunteers, and members feel respected and valued regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, disability, education, or any other bias.  

GoByBike BC respects the value that diverse life experiences bring to our board, leadership and communities and we strive to see diversity, inclusion, and equity in connection with our vision and mission for the benefit of those we serve. We strive to further diversify the Board and encourage candidates to apply from a wide range of ethnicities, ages, gender and backgrounds.  

Diversity is integral to this commitment. We encourage women, Indigenous people, people of colour, people with disabilities and LGBTQIA to apply 

Applications from outside of the Okanagan and Coastal BC are highly appreciated. 

Key Dates 

Call for Nominations: March 25, 2022 

Application Deadline: April 25, 2022 

How to Apply:  

Please fill out the application form, found here:

For more information about us please visit us @ or contact GBBBC president Marsh Stevens at

Thank you for your interest in GoByBike BC!