Hi Agassiz – Harrison Community: We encourage you to LOG YOUR RIDES!

Why are we asking you to log all your rides?

We encourage participants to log their bike ride kilometers to see how active transportation can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through biking instead of driving a motorized vehicle!

In 2023, GoByBike Weeks motivated 61,187 British Columbians, including 16,188 first-time participants, to log 2,313,928 kilometers which translates to 501,660 kilograms of greenhouse gases saved! Join us in 2024 to help us reach our goal to save 700,000
kilograms of greenhouse gases from entering the air in Agassiz and Harrison Hotsprings!

Your logged rides are important because they help us build happier, healthier, and more connected communities in BC. Bicycles are for everyone. 👉


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