Guide to: Celebration Stations

What are Celebration Stations?

To encourage riding during Go By Bike Week (Oct 3-9), we set up Celebration Stations along popular cycling routes! Any wheeled gas-free vehicles welcome (bikes, scooters, one-wheels, skateboards, etc.)!

At each station, you’ll find:

  • FREE food, drink, & swag
  • one-time prize draws
  • bike mechanics
  • cycling resources
  • & more fun!

This is a great opportunity to chat with like-minded people about all things cycling!


We provide a special Celebration Station Passport so you can track which Stations you’ve hit.

When you visit a Station, you’ll get a stamp! Collect 4 stamps, and you’re entered to win a GRAND PRIZE!

This is the ONLY WAY you can win a Grand Prize.

Where/When are the Stations?