GoByBike BC announces the appointment of Katie Macpherson as Executive Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am very excited to officially welcome Katie Macpherson of KEA Canada, as she takes on the role of GBBBC Executive Director. Working out of Nelson, BC, Katie brings significant experience growing organizational capacity and increasing resources among nonprofits, is skilled in helping organizations achieve their full potential, and brings unbelievable energy and passion to GBBBC that will make an already strong organization stronger. Katie has worked with The Writers Guild of Alberta, Alberta Ballet, the National Music Centre, The Banff Centre, Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society and various other nonprofits across the country.

No succession plan is perfect, but I believe GBBBC’s plan for the Executive Directors position has been pretty darn close. With that being said, I want to thank my colleagues on the Board of Directors for all of their work – not just throughout the hiring process, but also in their design of the succession plan. As President, I have been privy to the enormous amount of work outgoing Executive Director Penny Noble, and incoming Executive Director Katie Macpherson have put in over the last 6+ weeks to execute the transition.  The Board’s plan provided the time, and Penny’s and Katie’s commitment and professionalism have provided the result. Penny’s great work is the solid foundation that Katie will build on. Great things lie ahead for GBBBC. Welcome Katie, I think you are going to love it here. 

Katie Macpherson,
Executive Director, GoByBike BC