Message from the Board Chair: Gratitude and Farewell to GoByBike BC Executive Director, Penny Noble

As of June 30th, 2021, we here at GBBBC say goodbye to a founding Executive Director, Penny Noble as she embarks on her retirement. Penny started in 2010 as the first Executive Director of Bike to Work BC, and has played an instrumental role in shaping everything GoByBike BC is today. I have loved working with Penny. Her passion and professionalism shine through everything she does. I admire her directness, appreciate her political savvy, and the balance she is able to strike between the two. The fact is though, I am a relatively new face at GBBBC, and I wanted this goodbye to reflect some of the historical significance that Penny’s tenure holds for the organization. So, I asked Orlando Schmidt, a founding and now honorary lifetime Board Member, to offer up his thoughts:

  “Penny, it has been an honour to work with you throughout my time on the Go By Bike board. You are a strong strategic thinker and you provided a lot of great strategic advice to the board. Moreover, and to your credit, you also respected the board and went along with the direction we gave, even when it was a different direction. Best wishes in the next phase of your life. Keep on riding your bike and take good care of your plants! And don’t be a stranger.”

Orlando Schmidt

Upon Penny’s reflection of her time with GBBBC, Penny says:

My 11 years have been wonderful; really words cannot express my gratitude for being given this opportunity by founding board president, Dr. Richard Backus. I met terrific people and learned a lot. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of program manager Terri-lynn Gifford who was at my side for ten years, as well as the various board members over the years. Together they made it possible to grow the organization to what it is today. I know it is in good hands with your new ED and the ongoing Board!

Penny Noble

Yes, keep riding Penny, and know that all of us here at GBBBC are working hard to build on your work – to spread the word and have as many people as possible experience the sheer joy of riding a bike.

Marsh Stevens
GoByBike BC Society